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Students socialising in the city of Plymouth

We Picked UPIC!


A female student smiling outside in the campus


Foundation in Health and Human Sciences Leading to BSc (Hons) Dietetics
"I’ll admit that the first day I felt a little lost as no one else was from Mauritius, but now I don’t regret my decision at all… My new best friends are from Asia and Europe!"

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A female student standing in the ship and smiling


Foundation and First Year in Architecture Leading to BA (Hons) Architecture
"I was so happy when I got my results because I worked really hard. It was great to see that it had all paid off."

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Student smiling face


BSc (Hons) Ocean Science and Marine Conservation degree at University of Plymouth
“My advice to future students would be to pursue what you are truly passionate about, even if the end goal isn't entirely clear yet, and do it with love.”

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A female student smiling

Beilei Zhang

Pre-Masters in Business & Management Leading to MSc Finance
“The pre-Masters has really improved my confidence and helped me to feel more relaxed about studying for my Masters degree.”

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Two male student sitting outside in the campus

Chukwudi and Walter

Vice Presidents of the Student Union and Former UPIC Students
“The International College helped me to understand the education system and I had a very inclusive relationship with the people there. It taught me how interact with classmates and lecturers." - Chukwudi

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A female student wearing graduation hat and smiling


Foundation in Law Leading to LLB (Hons) Law
"I cried when I found out I got a First. It felt amazing to graduate."

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A female student smiling in front of camera


Foundation in Engineering & BSc (Hons) Robotics
“Plymouth Centre has everything that you could need to live your normal life; you have the city mall, streets full of shops, restaurants and fun activities to do. Also, only 10 minutes away you can find the Hoe and the Barbican, both of these places are next to the sea..."

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A male student smiling


Foundation in Business and First Year Economics
"They are always there to catch you when you fall, motivate and encourage you especially when your pace slows."

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A male student standing outside in the garden


Foundation in Health and Human Sciences & BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing
"When you come, you get the best possible help and support, you have everything from experienced lecturers and expert Nurses guiding you."

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A male student smiling and standing outside


First Year BA (Hons) International Business
"UPIC was very helpful in all ways you can possibly think of, whether you were confused, needed advice or simply were in difficult situations, even if they were not relevant to your studies, the college would never dismiss them..."

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