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I’ll admit that the first day I felt a little lost as no one else was from Mauritius, but now I don’t regret my decision at all… My new best friends are from Asia and Europe!

Anais, Mauritius

Introducing Anais

  • Country: Mauritius
  • Studied: Foundation in Health and Human Sciences
  • Progressing to: BSc (Hons) Dietetics

Why did you pick the University of Plymouth International College (UPIC)?

I initially took a gap year at home in Mauritius after my Baccalaureate (high school) and it is during this time that I went to a university fair and met a representative from the University of Plymouth. I was looking at other UK universities, but Plymouth had the sea and warmer weather compared to the north; this was a big draw. I also read that Plymouth was ranked inside the Top 3 Young Universities in England by The Times 2018.

What is it like living in Plymouth?

Everything is nearby, you have your lectures, your house, your shops, nightclubs, all nearby. It’s a really good atmosphere.

How did you settle into life in Plymouth?

I have a lot of animals at home – ducks, chicken, dogs, rabbits, turtles. Saying goodbye to all my pets was hard! When I first arrived at the International College, I was surprised at how mixed and multi-cultural the classes were. There were students from all over the world including Hong Kong, Spain, Ghana, Cyprus. I’ll admit that the first day I felt a little lost as no one else was from Mauritius, but now I don’t regret my decision at all… My new best friends are from Asia and Europe! During our free time we go to Plymouth Hoe a lot – especially as the weather is nice right now. We also go to Prysm Nightclub, along with restaurants and the Barbican seafront area.

Why did you choose Dietetics?

I am currently studying a Foundation in Health and Human Sciences at UPIC and next year I will progress on to study Dietetics at the main university. I chose this subject because I feel that in Mauritius, we need improvement in this field. People these days don’t always have a good idea on what is a balanced diet.

What have you learnt so far on your Foundation course?

I’ve learnt so much about Dietetics ahead of next year. It is interesting to learn how to do your own research and then use this skill to study your own specialist topic. I have also learnt a lot about Biology, Physics and Chemistry. We have also been practising a high level of English; this is because we will be working in hospitals, so we need to understand complex scientific words in the English language.

If you had 3 words to describe the teachers, what would they be and why?

Supportive – They’re always on hand to support you whenever you need help. Expectant – The teachers can be demanding, but this is a good thing. It is preparing me for what is expected when I start the First Year of my degree. Motivating – For example, in Biology, my lecturer is great. The lessons are really interesting.

How were you made to feel at home on arrival?

I was really happy to be shown around by Izzy (Student Recruitment Coordinator) during my first week. She came to meet my parents, my sister, and she even came to eat in the restaurant with us. Drew and the whole Student Services team are also all really friendly, you feel like you’re part of one big family. The college arrange a number of trips for us throughout the academic year. I missed the trip to Bristol City, but we recently all had a day out at the Eden Project – the world’s largest indoor rainforest. We’re also planning on going to Swansea to take place in a joint-university sports competition which will be great fun.

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