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Emotional Preparation

We’re sure you are excited about moving to the UK and beginning your study abroad adventure. However, we understand that it can feel daunting too. It’s normal to experience a period of adjustment, homesickness and maybe even culture shock at some point during your transition to life in the UK.

Although it will pass, it’s important to seek support. If you need advice on academic or personal matters, you can speak to a member of our Student Services team at any time. The College also operates a 24/7 emergency helpline, so you never have to face a problem alone.

Language Concerns

Many students are concerned that their English language isn’t of a sufficient standard. Sometimes accents can be difficult to understand; you may have people struggling to understand you; you might not understand slang terms and abbreviations or you may not understand British humour. These are all common issues for international students, even those who are native English speakers! It’s important to give yourself time to adapt to the language. Make sure you talk slowly and clearly and ask someone if you don’t understand.


You might experience homesickness at some stage in the UK. Some experience it worse than others. It’s important to remember that homesickness will pass. Make sure you chat to someone about how you are feeling. Your friends may be able to provide you with advice. There are also counsellors available. If you find that you feel worse after talking to your family, it may be a good idea to limit your contact to once a week.

Culture Shock

Finally, culture shock is something experienced by everyone living in a new country. It occurs when you are not used to the way of life, food, community and routine. Like homesickness, it will lessen over time as you learn the language, understand the culture and make friends.

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